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My name is Jethro Jones. I am a father of four, husband of one fantastic wife, and Assistant Principal at an Elementary School in Utah. I love to challenge myself and try new things. I am involved in the following projects:

App: Draw My Doll – Launched at Startup Weekend Provo in February 2014, a great team created an app that allows you draw a doll and have that doll turned into a handmade doll.

Podcast: Transformative Principal – An interview podcast where I interview principals that are transformative and discuss how they achieve greatness. (click here for the feed)

Book: Paperless Principal – An interactive iBook that explains how to go paperless as a school administrator.

Work-in-Progress: Creatives for Education – Educators are great at teaching our kids, but sometimes struggle making their handouts and notes beautiful. This site aims to help connect educators with designers to beautify the things they create. Educators can get free help making things beautiful. Creatives and designers can help students all around the world.

Connect with me:
Twitter: @jethrojones
Facebook: JethroJones
Skype: jethro.jones
Blogs: Blogger and
Google+: jethro.jones

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